A Hundred Years Of History.

 The "Colored People".




What we hope to accomplish


It's goals in restoring Rotten Bayou Cemetery and preserving it currently consist of the following:

  • Locate and, as far as possible, identify all unmarked and marked graves.
  • Restore existing headstones, tombs, and wrought iron fence work and hardwood picket fencing.
  • Replace all missing headstones, identifying the person whose grave the headstone marks.
  • Apply for listing of Rotten Bayou Cemetery on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Increase security at Rotten Bayou Cemetery, as well as implementing more beautification of the Cemetery.
  • Help fund ongoing preservation at Rotten Bayou Cemetery


The situation today

This picturesque cemetery has suffered terribly from the ravages of time, vandalism, and neglect. As a result, many graves now lie vacant of markers, their original markers having disappeared. Some older headstones that do still exist are broken - some are no more than shards, while others lie flat and need of professional conservation work. In some cases many of these graves never had markers, only crosses fashioned from hardwood timber.

Although Hancock County's budget exists for the maintenance of Rotten Bayou Cemetery in general, no money has ever been allocated specifically for the Cemetery. The current budget is not sufficient to fund the expensive replacement of missing headstones and the restoration of existing ones in need of conservation however before any "large scale" restoration effort can be expended, funding and awareness must be raised.

To learn more about how you can help in the Preservation and Restoration of Rotten Bayou Cemetery please contact the Rotten Bayou Cemetery Committee.




 The Ravages Of Time.

 Gone But Not Forgotten.



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