1. No individual, or any other entity, shall attempt to reserve a plot without the approval or permission of the Cemetery  Committee. Upon approval, the Cemetery Committee shall provide the section, row, or plot and register as "reserved" in the Cemetery Committee's Registry. Further more, posts, pipes, string, fencing, wall and or any other obstructive materials will no longer be permitted for the purposes of "staking off" plots.

2. Assignment of plots will follow as an individual receiving a five foot by ten foot plot (5 x 10 ) in size and a couple receiving a ten foot by ten foot plot (10 x 10) in size. Because of the limited space available in the older section of the Cemetery, an individual or family must have an established family plot or plots to be interred or buried in this section. There will and shall be no exceptions to this rule or regulation.

3. Burial or the interment of cremations shall be provided in the section of the Cemetery located near the entrance, otherwise known as "The Garden of Memories", unless burial or interment of said cremations are located within an existing family plot or plots. Placement and type of design of stones or markers in memory of a loved one in this section must be approved by the Cemetery Committee and will be treated as any burial or interment. Any stone or marker found in violation shall be removed.

4. No individual, or any other entity, shall attempt to bury or inter a body or cremations before obtaining approval and or permission from the Cemetery Committee. Further more, the Cemetery Committee must approve any and all placing or improvements concerning a plot, grave, tomb, and or mausoleum.

5. The Cemetery Committee must be notified of any disinterment or removal of remains located within the perimeter of the Cemetery and upon removal of said deceased body, remains, or creamations for burial or interment elsewhere, the remaining or empty plot or plots shall then be reassigned by the Cemetery Committee. No other individual, entity, or organization shall have the authority to reassign any plot or plots after said disinterment has taken place.

6. Littering or desecration of the Cemetery is found offensive to the deceased, as well as the living. Items such as garbage, clippings, leaves, flowers, and or artificial flowers should be bagged and placed in the areas designated for such. Litter is not to be discarded on or around plots, graves, tombs, crypts, and or mausoleums or the wooded area surrounding the Cemetery. Violators will be punished in accordance with the local Municipal Law.

7. All plots, graves, tombs, crypts, and or mausoleums must be kept clean and free of rubbish, and or any other obstructive materials that would hinder the process of cleaning the surrounding area. Failure to do so will and shall result in all items being removed and or discarded at the family's expense. Further more, it may be deemed by the Cemetery Committee, upon further investigation of the situation, that if the plot, grave, tomb, crypt, and or mausoleum in question found to be confined within the perimeter of a standing fence, that said fence shall be removed and discarded. Failure to repair damaged and existing fences within a period of three (3) months shall and will result in the removal of said damaged fence or fences.

8. No planting of any tree, shrub, plant or flowering bush that will grow larger than three (3) feet in height and two (2) feet in circumference, unless otherwise approved by the Cemetery Committee. It is the responsibility of the designated caretaker of each individual grave or family plot to insure that the tree, shrub, plant or flowering bush does not exceed the above as described. Any of the afore mentioned found to be in violation, will be removed and discarded.


Due to the problems in the past and with concerns of the present and future expansion of the Cemetery and it's care, all individuals will be expected to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the Cemetery Committee. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations may result in legal action. Questions and or concerns may be directed to any one or all of the Cemetery Committee Members.

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